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What is in your soap?

I use blends of oils but the main ingredient is always olive oil. It's gentle, it's nourishing and it's a favourite of sensitive skin. From there, my second most used oil is coconut. Everything else depends on the recipe I'm using and the purpose it is intended for. There can be combinations of palm, sweet almond, and castor oil. I use additives like shea butter and cocoa butter. I'll also use specialty additives per batch like tamanu oil, oat milk or aloe vera water. 

I don't use any animal byproducts and all of the glitter in or on the soap is eco friendly. It's made of minerals that are 100% biodegradable and won't clog your drains! All colourants, essential oils and fragrance oils are skin safe and used at safe usage rates. 

Does your soap contain lye?

Yes. 100% yes. Why? Because you can't have soap without it. Lye is the magic ingredient that bonds water molecules to oil molecules. Remember grade 5 science? Oil and water don't mix. That's the beauty of soap! The lye grabs on to the water molecules and the oil molecules and bonds them together in a process called "saponification." This bond cannot be undone. Once the soap has completely saponified, there are no oil, no water and no lye molecules left. Only glorious soap.