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17th Street Soap

How It All Began

It all started with insomnia. I think a lot of great adventures start with insomnia. It was fall of 2018 and I couldn’t sleep. I was up to all ungodly hours of the night watching YouTube videos. I came across a channel called Royalty Soaps with Catie Carson. I absolutely adored her immediately. I watched a hundred of her videos over the next few weeks. Finally, I thought to myself “I bet I could do this.”
I bought a few basic supplies and spent days researching techniques, ingredients and most importantly- SAFETY PROCEDURES! I made my first batch in the kitchen of my house in Fairview and by Spring I had 700 bars of soap. I’ve been learning, creating and experimenting ever since.
I love colour. I love fragrance. I love soap that is as unique as each person that buys a bar. I have soap for everyone. Scent free, colour free, essential oil, palm free.... Let me know what you like and I can tailor a batch just for you.
Thank you for taking the time to read this little blurb. If you have any questions whatsoever, please reach out- I’m always eager to share this passion with anyone that will listen!